11ft Plus Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree


Please contact us before placing an order for our taller trees (11ft plus). All requests will be subject to availability.

Please note online purchases are for delivery only. If you wish to choose your tree in person, please visit our bookings page from which you can book a slot.

Nordmann Fir trees (sometimes referred to as ‘non-drop trees’) have become a firm favourite among us Brits thanks to their strong needle retention. This means you can spend less time hoovering and more time drinking mulled wine!

All of our Nordmann Fir trees are of ‘Premium’ quality – they’re full in shape and will fill any room gloriously! To top it off, they’re also grown locally, so they’re good for the planet too.

All of our freshly cut trees should be kept in a water holding stand, and away from direct heat (such as a radiator). If you don’t already have a stand, we have a large selection to choose from at our shop. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like any further advice on tree care.

Delivery costs will be calculated at checkout, variable by distance.


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