Norway Spruce Christmas Tree


Please see our Collection and Delivery Options page to find out more about the changes we’ve made to keep everyone safe this Christmas!

The Norway Spruce is often the more traditional choice of tree. Their scent will bring the smell of Christmas to any room, and given they’re relatively fast-growing, they’re a bit cheaper too. Make sure you wear gloves when handling them though, as they’re notoriously prickly!

All of our freshly cut trees should be kept in a water holding stand, and away from direct heat (such as a radiator). If you don’t already have a stand, we have a large selection to choose from at our shop. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like any further advice on tree care.


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4ft (120-140cm), 5ft (150-170cm), 6ft (180-200cm), 7ft (210-230cm), 8ft (240-260cm)


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